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Princess and her coloring skill  Barbie has a great drawing and painting skill. She has drawn a beautiful sketch of a castle. you kid can color this drawing and take a print when finish with coloring. You can take a printout of this sketch. Make a collection of the drawing of barbie.
Barbie and her castle  Barbie is a very good artrist. Barbie has drawn a very good sketch of castle with all the surrounding. You need to color this sketch to make the picture come alive on the page. This drawing is a printable drawing, you can take a print by clicking on the print icon and add to your collection of sketches.
Cute princess and her style  Princess barbie is a very royal girl. She is very beautiful in features and nature. Kind hearted and loving. This is a printable drawing you can take a print of this sketch after you finish coloring on this page.
A good sketch to color  So cute drawing to color. Make it a larger than live picture by coloring it. This an excellent coloring pages for kids to learn. You can also take print outs after you finished with drawing. Great page to work for. Enjoy your coloring.
Color the castle  Good drawing and agood colr will make this a very good picture. Color this picture and make it look real and beautiful. Good for kids to learn the coloring technique and be more creative in coloring the drawing. You can take a print out of this page when you are finish with coloring. SO enjoy your coloring page.
Princess and her drawing  Cute princess has drawn her castle. And she want you to color it beautifully. Dig into your creative mind and color the picture to your imagination. Make the castle come alive. And take a print out, make collection of this pages for your drawing classes
A lady and a castle window  A young lady is standing by the window. The window is made-up of stone bricks. This page is for coloring, you can color this page and make it look natural then take print-out of the page to make a collection of the castle drawing.
Castle and the fun  Princess is enjoying the festive season. She looks so happy and joyful. This are coloring pages you can color this page. Good combination of colors will make this drawing come alive, then take a print to add to the collection of the castle drawing.
Way to go Princess!!  Princess is walking down the lane of her castle. She is looking back if some one is behind her. This is a very good drawing to color different types of sketches. A castle, road, side garden grass, the princess. You can color this picture and make it come alive from the sketch
Princess and her castle drawing.  Princess is holding her dream castle drawing in her hand. The castle look so cute. Princess is so happy with her dream castle. You can color this drawing and take print when finished with colors.
Sitting out the castle.  Princess is enjoying her every bit of moment. sitting outside her castle's veranda. Cute drawing to color for kids. You can color this page, it a coloring page and then take a print and add to collection of the princess and her drawing.
11 files on 1 page(s)

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