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Charming and beautiful Princess elea.  Princess elae has the quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and she is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.
Pet of princess elea.  Princess Elea is playing with her pet. princess elea's charm shows she is very much attracted to the pet.They are bonding with each very well. Princess Elea is in love with the pet
Smile of the day.  Princess elea is showing a smile that brightens any day.Princess elea is feeling happy about something and she is expressing it with little smile on her face. Princess elea has a sweet smile.
Hairs longer than the body.  Princess elea's hair are longer than her body. Princess elea's hair are soft and colorful. Princess elea can easily get an ad for hair oil or hair shampoo. Princess elea can also win an award for longest hair.
Kiss of love.  Princess elea loves small animal very much.Princess elea has a soft feeling for small animal.princess elea's is making the animal feel comfortable.
Princess elea and her little friend.  Princess elea and her little friend are both beautiful and lovely. Princess elea and little friend has one of the best charm in the world.Their is depth and love in the relation between Princess elea and her friend.
Close encounter with bee.  Princess elea is having a close look ate the bee. Princess elea is very confused about the creature. The Bee is making fun of Princess Elea.
Dancing steps of Princess Elea.  Princess Elea is learning a new dance step. princess Elea is enjoying the dance steps, where the footwork is the most important part of the dance. Body and arm movements and styling are either restricted or considered irrelevant.
Sterring from the window.  Princess elea is looking for someone from her beautiful window. The window is beautifullt decorated.Princess elea and the window are both beautiful.
Cute baby with Princess elea.  Princess Elea cuddling new born infant. The baby has small hands,small feets and small in size. The baby is very cute. The Princess Elea and the baby are both charming.
Dressed to kill.  A small cat is scratching the dress of princess Elea. Princess elea's dress is long and beautiful. princess elea is roaming away from her casstle.
Mirror Mirror who is beautiful?  Princess elea is having a look at her beautiful face. She can contest is Miss World contest. Princess elea has both wonderful nature and beautiful face.
Princess Elea away from her castle.  Princess elea is wondering outside her wonderful castle.She has worn long and beautiful dress. Princess elea is enjoying every moment of her life.
Dancing with Prince.  Princess elea is dancing with her prince. She is teaching some dancing steps to the prince. They both love each other very much.
Princess Elea with her little brother.  Princess Elea is angry with her little brother. The little boy is trying Princess elea to make happy. Princess elea has turned deaf ear with her little brother.
100 files on 7 page(s) 1

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